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Okinawa Leadership Seminar (OLS) has helped hundreds of military spouses over the years to find the leader within them and the courage to step up within their communities. Log some heart-healthy cardio and help us to keep doing what we do at the same time by signing up for our bi-annual OLS Virtual 5K Run & Walk.

Whether you currently live in Okinawa or you're a supporter living elsewhere in the world, you can participate in this race and help us raise funds for our next OLS session. Simply register anytime between now and December 31, 2023, and complete the distance at your leisure.


If you live in Okinawa, you have the option of receiving a finisher's medal (limited quantity) or you can simply register and receive a virtual medal that you can share on your social media timelines or elsewhere. Lace up and let's do this!

Couple Running
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